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Dog Spa

*All breeds welcome

*we love cats too

Welcome to our site , my name is Lina Kostaki through this page I will guide you to meet Dog Spa grooming salons. I have founded Dog Spa grooming salons in 2001,our experience from all these years allows us to reach a perfect result , knowing the correct way to treat every coat type and also accept ‘’difficult’’ dogs.

All groomers working for us are people passionate about  their job and real animal lovers.
Each dog or cat visiting our salons is not treated simply as a pet but as a family member, we love and care the same about all our four legged friends, even the ones with problems in behavior. No matter which one of our services you choose from , bath,  hair cut ,stripping, scissoring, show grooming, spa treatment, tear stain treatment, hydrotherapy, de -shedding treatment or de- matting we will do our best so that your dogs will leave our salon beautiful and happy without using any kind of traquilizers of course ! All our working surfaces and grooming tools are disinfected right after every dog or cat and our towels are used only once and washed after every animal. We are all certified groomers and we all participate in seminars and workshops  because we strongly
believe that knowledge is never enough. You can meet us all through these pages and you can ask us for a specific groomer to groom your dog if you prefer someone  . We are members of the Hellenique association of professional dog groomers(ESEKS). Our wish is that all dogs are groomed  according to their breed standard or coat type but if you prefer something different we will be happy to talk about it with you. All dogs are hand dryied with professional dryers made specially for animals . We do not use cage dryers except  your dog or cat has a specific problem and you ask us to use this method (which we don’t recommend) . If your dog is a show dog we will be happy to prepare him for the show , dog shows is our specialty and our hobby !  We can also prepare your dog right before he enters the ring (show ring grooming support).

We will be happy to answer all the questions you may have !